About Us

Where Did We Come From?

Floss bands have traditionally been used with endurance athletes, power lifters, and Cross-fit athletes to optimize joint mobility, strength and endurance in elbows, knees, ankles, quads and calves. Here at Bayou Band LLC, we have modified and adapted traditional floss bands into a version specifically designed for baseball and softball players in order to fill the growing need for better warm-up and recovery techniques with the goal of preventing common soreness and injuries at all levels.

Why Baseball and Softball?

In addition to injury prevention benefits, consistent use of Bayou Band is also linked to increased throwing velocity, spin rate, vertical jump and faster 60 yard dash times. We began by reaching out to a handful of minor league baseball players in order to get feedback on our product, and in less than a year we have expanded into every single Major League Baseball organization as well as dozens of collegiate programs at every level making Bayou Band a staple of their warm-up and recovery routines. 

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