"I use the Bayou Band everyday before I throw to get blood flow in my arm and get my body ready to compete at a high level. I bring it everywhere I go and its super easy to use. It's lasted very well through my season and I'm looking forward to using it this off season as well to help recover from lifting and throwing"  - Riley McCauley (Chicago Cubs Organization)

"The Bayou Band is a great tool for me. I was having elbow pain and the Bayou Band helped me circulate blood efficiently."  - Kole Enright (Texas Rangers Organization) 

"I love the Bayou Band! I snagged it for my summer season, used it after every high intent long toss and game days. The band sped up my recovery tremendously, every athlete needs to own this tool! It is essentially the best recovery tool you need to be an elite arm!" - Austin Atwood (MiLB Prospect)

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