Frequently Asked Questions

When do you use Bayou Band?

Bayou Band is most effective when incorporated into both warm-up AND recovery routines to the preference of the individual player. You can also use Bayou Band in between innings to stay warm and keep your edge. 

How long do you keep Bayou Band wrapped? 

Bayou Band utilizes extreme compression and blood flow restriction. Elbow/Shoulder wraps should be worn for 1-2 minutes while knee and ankle wraps should be worn for 2-4 minutes.

How tightly do you wrap Bayou Band?

Bayou Band should be wrapped at approximately 75% tension. Compression should be intense to maximize scientific benefits. 

Is tingling/slight discoloration normal?

Bayou Band utilizes intense compression to initiate aggressive warm-up and recovery techniques through biological processes. Due to its aggressive nature, tingling and slight discoloration to the area during use is normal.



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